• Year of Cleanup and Consolidation

    I’m not really one for new years resolutions – it takes more deliberate effort to change behavior patterns.  But, I am a big believer that a plan (or at least an outline of a plan) helps you get where you want.  One of the big …

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  • Pd Presentation

    5 Things to Help Your Presentations

    I’ve been spending a lot of time doing presentations recently.  Prep for legal, for prospects, strategy projections, school projects.  On top of that, my wife just presented at a national conference in vegas.  I really enjoy the chance to speak, because it helps me get …

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  • 3 Critical Elements to Being Strategic

    I was recently speaking to someone about trying to get out of the mire of tactical work and find time to be strategic.  This always sounds great, but is often hard to do.  This post is about some of the things which you must do …

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  • The ROI of an MBA

    I am currently debating the true value of an MBA – specifically an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.  It is perhaps a bit presumptuous of me to assume that I will get in to this program, as it is fairly prestigious, but …

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  • Agile as a Mindset, not a Methodology

    I was having a conversation with someone recently, about the possibility of doing some work for him.  His biggest concern was about the fact that my resume highlights Agile expertise (with a capital A, as he put it).  Because he is someone I have worked …

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