About Me

Hi, I’m David and I’m a technologist.  I’m very passionate about the internet – it is the place to find all the new and exciting technologies.  I love that everything seems much smaller and closer at hand online – no product I can’t find a review for, no company I can’t find someone in.  And I love the idea that someone with a good business idea can get online and quickly connect with someone who will be interested in that idea.

I got into Online Marketing simply because it was the only label which really applied to what I wanted to do.  I am one of those consumers whose first contact with a company is through their website.  I go to Yelp, Twitter, and Facebook to find out about the companies that offer me services.  And I have found that some companies which are amazing have little or no online presence to speak of.  Or worse – they have an online presence which doesn’t really represent them, and makes me think I don’t want to work with them.

I started with the desire to help those people get online and tell their stories.  Start with a good idea, then tell your story to the right people, in the right place, and watch the return that comes in.  It’s that simple concept which seems to have made “Web 2.0”, or “Social” the key buzzwords of online marketing these days.  Connecting with people, and really providing them with something they want.  I love working with small businesses, people who are passionate about their ideas and don’t want to become experts in online marketing to get their story out there.  I love the fact that I help businesses find the right people, and tell their story, with results that speak for themselves.

I live in the Bay Area and I practice Online Marketing to help connect businesses to their customers, and really build their online presence.