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  • The Technologist

    Those of you who are still visiting the site may notice that there is a new logo at the top of it today.  This is the new title of my blog, which is going in a slightly different direction.  I will use this space to …

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  • Finding focus in the small things

    I’ve recently been struggling with how to accomplish the things I want. Professionally and personally it seemed like my backlogs were growing and growing. Not the least of those was blogging here. Strangely, it took adding something new and huge to get me out of …

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  • An attempt at branding…

    I’ve recently gotten around to separating the content at from the content here at  While I am still the founder and principal of Bennett Consulting, it is growing in a way which needs to be independent of my own freelancing.  Bringing in a …

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  • Jim Dempsey Foundation

    The Jim Dempsey Foundation was an idea which the founder had wanted to get in motion. I helped them get their feet under them by getting them incorporated, and preparing detailed plans.

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  • Rachyll Dempsey, Psy. D.

    Rachyll Dempsey is a private practitioner who was looking to establish an online face for her Psychological Assessment practice. Her site is reflective of her personality and is designed as a brochure for her services.

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