8 Blogs Worth Reading

I am not really big about lists, but in an effort to share some of the truly amazing content I have found online, I decided to add a list of 10 places you should probably check out.  They are all sources I subscribe to daily in my RSS reader, and usually inspire me in some particular way.

  1. Seth Godin’s Blog – I’m a fan of Seth’s writing style.  It’s short, to the point, and presents what seems like common sense(to me at least) in a slightly refreshing new way which makes you think.  For me, the value is in some of the posts encouraging me to think about my own habits, and how they might be impacting what I want.
  2. Mashable – Lots of relevant business news for anyone who works in the internet industry.  It’s also got enough editorial flavor to it to make things interesting.  For me, this is more valuable news than I get from CNN.  Plus, it turns out that someone I was friends with when I was 7 years old grew up to be one of their editors.
  3. Penelope Trunk’s Blog – This is one which I got from a friend of mine, and is strangely compelling.  Penelope’s writing style is poetic, and displays a sense of vulnerability and honesty which is highly appealing.  Sometimes, her choice of topic can be cringe-inducing.  It feels a bit like reading an incredibly well-written account of a train wreck, with a sprinkling of business topics mixed in.
  4. The Incidental Economist – A fact and data-driven blog with lots of insight into Health Care in the US.  This is something at top of mind (of course, I am currently doing some work for a Health Care Client).  I actually got some dinner conversation with some doctoral students out of this one, which made me realize how much I appreciated his blog.
  5. Harvard Business – Kind of a classic for me.  Some really interesting articles in here, especially for anyone who is closely watching the business world.  I debated about including this one, because it seemed to obvious, but I was surprised by how few people knew where to get an RSS feed (Thus the link to their feed).
  6. Science Daily – Who doesnt need a daily dose of science?  I like reading stories about the research people are doing to understand our brains, and there are some great tidbits in here which I forward to my wife (She is a forensic neuropsychologist).  Value is more interest, and taking a break from time to time.
  7. Penny-Arcade – A sarcastic and even sometimes rude, but insightful and honest assessment of game-related news.  Anyone who follows or works in the Gaming domain should at least be aware of Penny Arcade, and IMO should be regular readers.   The value for me here is humor, along with insight into some of the insanities of the Gaming industry.
  8. Ask a Manager – a relatively new addition to my feeds, which is worth reading.  I have always thought Management is one of those skills which you learn from others, and this blog is an interesting place to see others who have questions you might come across.

Bonus: Dilbert Daily Strip – if, like me, you end up spending a reasonable amount of your time in a cubicle environment (between meetings at least) this is probably worth some humor.  Sometimes, feels a little too close to home.

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