Stop holding my e-mail hostage

I was recently filling out the application for a chrome OS netbook and was struck by the fact that the one application which I use that doesnt help me access my data from anywhere is Outlook.

I have spent more than a decade living out of my inbox and calendar.  I was thrilled by the task list/calendar pane addition in outlook 2007.  I have figured out how to use Google Calendar Sync to keep my calendars and phone all using (mostly) the same calendar.  But, for some reason – I have never really been too concerned about having remote access to my personal email.  I get it on my phone – so that was enough.

Until I started doing remote work, and going to school.  Suddenly I needed to access emails from potential clients when I wasnt at my desk at home, or emails from my professor or other students during the day.  I had study guides in email which I couldnt access until I got home, and the amount of time I spend at home has been steadily diminishing as I get more and more on my plate.

So, I decided to do some research into online alternatives for outlook.  Not surprisingly – Gmail was the option which was most appealing.  Somehow, while I was ignoring it, gmail gained the two most important features I felt it was missing – the ability to get email from 4 or 5 personal accounts other than my gmail account, and the ability to sync like an exchange server with my iDevices.  So I am trying out a 90 day trial using only Gmail.  Removed my outlook icon at home, and turned off all the other accounts on my iStuff.

So far, after setting up my filters once again, I am liking the change.  I still have some built in habits about checking outlook which are hard to break, but GMails functionality is pretty solid.  The only thing I have noticed as missing so far is the ability to forward multiple messages at once, something I don’t use very often.

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