Welcome to 2011

2011 is upon us, and I personally feel that it will be hard to top 2010.  Though 2010 started out a bit rocky, I ended up getting married, buying a new home with my wife, going back to school, and getting the chance to really re-focus on my own company.  Ups and downs aplenty, but the year was overall pretty spectacular.

So I am currently in the process of setting my goals for 2011.  And then while I am at it, I figure I should set my goals for the next 5 years.  And since we are starting a new decade – why not figure out what I want to do by 2021 – the year I turn 40.  A little bit of a planning bonanza – which is also a little overwhelming.

Interestingly, I find that I did manage to hit all my goals for the last 10 years, some of them early, and some of them in ways I didn’t expect.  Of course, now my goals are very different – which I consider a good thing.  If you still have the same goals and desires after 10 years, you probably aren’t growing much as a person.

Still, one of those goals is simple.  I want to create more.  Whether that means blog posts, writing short stories, continuing to grow my homebuilt world of the Onyx Coast, or starting to branch more into photos and videos is something I am unclear on at this time.  I’m confident some of the things which I will create will be business-focused: white papers, resource files, maybe even a book by 2021 (awfully big maybe).  What I am wondering is where the personal energy will go – I find myself coming up with creative ideas as gifts for my wife and friends which might see the light of day.

If you are reading this post, the point I am making is this: take the time to be introspective.  Plan a bit – but not too much.  Set yourself some goals, not for the purpose of motivating yourself to achieve those goals, but because they are things which you want to do and saying it out loud helps.

Oh, and Happy New Years!  Welcome to 2011.

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