Year of Cleanup and Consolidation

I’m not really one for new years resolutions – it takes more deliberate effort to change behavior patterns.  But, I am a big believer that a plan (or at least an outline of a plan) helps you get where you want.  One of the big goals I have this year is to do some cleanup and consolidation.  I’ve been spread out all over the web recently, and instead of creating more content I have been basically creating nothing but facebook updates and tweets.

The last year I haven’t had a lot of time to work through the challenges of wordpress in order to write blog entries. I see the appeal of Tumblr and Twitter primarily because there is almost no barrier to creating a quick blast and sending it out – WordPress just feels like it takes a bigger commitment. So, today I have been cleaning up my wordpress installs, consolidating, and getting set up to try and reduce the barriers to creating content here on my blog.  I converted my wordpress instance to a Multisite, which is incredibly useful when you manage something like 10 wordpress instances – especially if you use a group of the same plugins on all of them.  Installing plugins once and having them available everywhere – or even better, activating them everywhere with a single click – is a great feature which I am already loving.  I was reading this post about optimizing your blog, and love the chance to see what plugins people find irreplaceable on their own wordpress instances.

I’ve imported some of the content from some deprecated experiments, and you can see them now at the new “Library” option in the menu.  Mostly old content, but I will be updating it.

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