Black Swan

Black SwanBlack Swan is a surprisingly sexual story of a disturbed ballet dancer who is experiencing a psychotic break, but trying to keep it all together to star as the lead in a new take on Swan Lake.  Her own experience is meant to mirror the story of Swan Lake, and does so in a surprising and entertaining way.

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Way of Kings

I was pleasantly surprised by [amazon_link id=”0765326353″ target=”_blank” ]Way of Kings[/amazon_link], a well-written (if lengthy) book from Brandon Sanderson. I admit I only picked it up because of Brandon’s work with Wheel of Time, and was hesitant due to the marketing for the book (the hardcover includes numerous full-color illustrations, objects, etc). This sort of gimmick struck me as something to compensate for the content, but after reading the book I think it is perhaps just a sign of the depth which this author would like his readers to submerge themselves into his world.

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Tron: Legacy

Tron: LegacyTron: Legacy is stunning in terms of visuals, and delivers on much of what made the first movie great.  This commentary on technology tries hard to live up to its predecessor, and succeeds in many ways (though not entirely).  With a few surprisingly funny moments mixed in with a few flat moments, the movie is definitely worth seeing for any tech enthusiast.

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Chronicles of Narnia – Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Voyage of the Dawn TreaderThe Voyage of the Dawn Treader is the best of the three Narnia movies so far, with stunning visuals and an entertaining story line.  The movie feels well paced, and leaves me hoping they decide to continue with the Chronicles of Narnia, even though the original 4 children will not be involved.

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The Warriors Way

The Warriors WayThe Warriors way is an entertaining import, with plenty of over-the-top ninja action mixed in with a carnie town of misfit gunslingers.  The story is cliche, but has some refreshing moments which keep this movie entertaining.

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