Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2Paranormal Activity 2 was a lot more fun than the first.  Set a few months before the first movie, it amped up everything good about the first movie and took out some of the cheese.  It seemed like a family which did fewer stupid things, and there was a more sinister element to everything because – we all know – bad things are coming soon.

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RedRed is a fun movie, where lots of things get blown up and no one has to think too hard.  A good satire of the cold-war stereotypes, mixed in with some fun of seeing some classic actors and actresses kick some butt.  Definitely something worth seeing.

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The Social Network

The Social NetworkThe Social Network is one of those movies which leaves you wondering how much of it was true.  Based (loosely) on the events of a pair of lawsuits which were filed against Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, the movie details a startup of Facebook which was probably much more interesting than the real thing.

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You Again

You AgainYou again is certainly formulaic, but the formula is still funny, especially with the cast that they have.  If you want to go rent some Air Conditioning to get away from the heat, its a fun movie to go see (Assuming you have already seen Easy A).

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The Town

The TownFinally managed to get in to theatres and see The Town, thanks to the short but painful heat wave here in the Bay.  It’s a good movie – probably a great movie if you are from or a fan of Boston (the city – not the band ;).  Stuff blows up, people do some shooting, and the story is actually pretty good even amidst all that.

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