Easy A

Easy AEasy A was a fun little movie with a good sense of humor.  I’m a sucker for a well written movie, and this one definitely falls into that category.  Easily sidestepping (while also mocking) most of your expectations for a cheesy teen movie, it also tells an entertaining story which had me laughing frequently throughout.

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DevilDevil was one of the more interesting supernatural movies out recently.  Several people are stuck in an elevator, and slowly being killed off by the Devil disguised as one of them.  The usual M. Night twist is out there right up front – which seems to make things a bit more enjoyable.

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Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: AfterlifeJust got out of Resident Evil: Afterlife.  As a friend of mine put it “I want to see it because she has cool psychic powers to fight the bad guys with.”  Unfortunately for him, that is pretty short-lived.  Still, this 4th movie gives its fans everything they are looking for.

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The American

the americanMy Fiancee and I just finished watching what I can only describe as a very artsy take on the life of an ex-assassin and weaponsmith living in Italy who falls in love with a prostitute.  One might wonder – how could that story possibly be anything but exciting?  Read on, and learn how…

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