Jim Dempsey Foundation


The Jim Dempsey Foundation was an idea which the founder had wanted to get in motion.  I helped them get their feet under them by getting them incorporated, writing detailed program plans for the company, and providing a business plan for a venture where they expect to get the majority of their funding.  In addition to those services, I have assisted in the creation of marketing materials, and created their entire web presence.

Their website is intended to be a central point for members, applicants, and sponsors.  It has a thoroughly customizable layout which can be modified by any of their geographically diverse members, and has multiple newsletter groups enabled which will allow them to distribute information out to their membership.


  • Creative Design
  • Web Development & Implementation
  • Registration & Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Additional Services
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Research



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