Now with Pictures!

See, pictures are important.  Even strange baby knows this.

I was writing something for work last night and lamenting the fact that the powerpoint template which was provided to me was pages and pages of text without a single picture.  I’m sure you have seen this type of template before – filled with bullet points which you should replace with your own content, and pre-set to a font size of about 18 so that you can fill the screen with paragraphs disguised as bullet points.

Anyone who has consciously worked on their powerpoint skills knows (hopefully among other things) to include pictures to break things up and get more impact from your slides.  Taking it a step further, anyone who has studied how to train others effectively knows that images can provide anchors that help people remember things they might otherwise forget.

Despite the fact that I have done both of those things, and know the importance of images, for some reason all of my blog posts up to this point have not included images in them.  Thus, the image for this post – even the strange baby knows I should be including images!

If, like me, you find yourself constantly creating documents for many different purposes, try to remember that just because a template exists doesnt mean you shouldnt tweak it to make your message more effective.  Include some pictures.  Take some of those bullets out.  Make the font size BIGGER.  And see if you cant get the message across more effectively without actually typing the message and hoping someone is reading it.

At the very least, doing a search for something on google images is usually worth a laugh.  And if you just spent the last hour putting together a powerpoint on how to properly monetize your online channels, and measure their effectiveness…you probably could use a laugh.

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