The Technologist

Those of you who are still visiting the site may notice that there is a new logo at the top of it today.  This is the new title of my blog, which is going in a slightly different direction.  I will use this space to talk about things that I come across that interest me – mainly new online tech, the gaming industry, and a splash of writing, product management, and business management.  Should make for an eclectic mix.

Think Big is an idea which I haven’t completely gotten rid of.  The old content is still available, under the Think Big category.  Chances are I will bring it back out some day, as I had drafted up a series titled “An hour a day, 30 days to improve your business”.  The truth is, with everything I am committed to these days, I just dont have the time to do that idea justice.

So, expect to see more content from me in the new format.  I hope you like it.  If so, feel free to subscribe.

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