Black Swan

Black SwanBlack Swan is a surprisingly sexual story of a disturbed ballet dancer who is experiencing a psychotic break, but trying to keep it all together to star as the lead in a new take on Swan Lake.  Her own experience is meant to mirror the story of Swan Lake, and does so in a surprising and entertaining way.I admit, I went to this movie because my wife was interested in it.  A psychological movie about Ballet – it didnt jump out of the trailers at me.  So I was surprised by how much I actually liked it.  The story definitely has some focus on the hardships of Ballet, the hardships which the main character suffers through, but focuses more on the experience of this character as she struggles to keep it all together.

My wife describes it as a great portrayal of someone with limited affect, and of a mother suffering from borderline personality disorder trying desperately to cling to a daughter who is experiencing her first psychotic break.  Even though that’s filled with shrink jargon – I think it might put the actual marketing for this movie to shame.  The dysfunction in these relationships is part of what makes this movie interesting – in a “I wonder what they’re going to do next” kind of way.

Mila Kunis is a great addition – the free spirited girl who seems friendly and yet potentially threatening.  Perfect because of her imperfections.  I’ve always been a fan of hers, and she does very well in this movie alongside Natalie Portman.  Her dark temptress – paired with alcohol and narcotics – is a perfect “Black Swan” to accompany the shut in main character.

There are a number of moments throughout where the main character flirts with her own sexuality, each of them followed with humorous moments.  When she looks over in the middle of masturbating to find her mom sleeping next to her bed, the audience in my theatre actually laughed pretty hard.  The lesbian scenes between Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman, followed by the demand “Was I any good!?” was hilarious.

I definitely enjoyed it, and would recommend the movie even to those who might not be interested in “A ballet movie”.

High Points:

  • “Was I any good!?”
  • Very well written, and a great portrayal of psychosis
  • Great acting, throughout.

Low Points:

  • Delusions of pulling her own skin off
  • The Strange and Painful scenes with Wynona Rider


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