MegamindI went into Megamind with fairly low expectations.  That probably helped, since the movie exceeded them – but not by too much.  It’s an amusing take on the superhero storyline – poking fun at the superman story a bit.  The characters are entertaining, and overall the movie is probably better than you expect…Megamind is a fairly entertaining story of a supervillain who wins, and then finds out that what he really liked was having someone to compete with.  Getting everything you want turns out to be a lot less fun, when you didnt realize what it is you really wanted.  Or something like that…

There are definitely funny moments, and Megamind will surprise you in a few places with how hard you laugh.  Especially as the movie gets closer to its ending, the humor picks up as the writing gets a little bit better and closer to original.  Fans of the superhero genre will probably recognize several entertaining pokes throughout, and nerds will probably find joy in the T-shirts found on the camera boy.

It’s worth a rental, or worth seeing if you have kids who want to.  I wouldn’t spend too much at theatres, this is something which can wait.

High Points:

  • Sarcastic, Dry humor well hidden in a few places.
  • Megamind’s tech and outfits are good for a laugh
  • The Musician.

Low Points:

  • The “heartfelt” storyline.
  • Writing falls flat in a few places.


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