No Strings Attached

No Strings AttachedNo Strings Attached was surprisingly fun, and had some really entertaining moments.  I went in with pretty unclear expectations about the movie, and was surprised to see a romantic comedy which was not the standard fare.  Natalie Portman’s character (Emma) was fun and sweet, despite a bit of an edge which slowly wears down throughout the movie.The beginning of the movie sets a pretty fun tone which continues throughout, with young Adam (Ashton) and Emmna (Natalie) set to some great 80s music, then continuing to a frat party which leads to a surprisingly funny funeral scene.  Setting the backdrop for a pretty funny story of “how did you meet” leads into something where we see them cross paths again “today” after Adam’s breakup with a bubble-headed girl who comes back to haunt him.

Kevin Klein as the Dad who used to be a famous actor is entertaining, who cares in the “I can spare you some time” type of way.  Adam’s job on set of a “Glee”-like television show adds some entertaining characters.  Add in some baby doctors from the hospital where Emma works, and this leads to a pretty entertaining cast to support the story of these two characters.

The story is decently written, but its really the characters who keep this fun.  I particularly enjoyed the side story of the friends who form a bond alongside Emma and Adam.  This movie is definitely worth watching.

High Points:

  • Adam’s Friends, with “helpful” comments.
  • Chemistry between Adam and Emma.
  • Kevin Klein

Low Points:

  • Vanessa – the bubble headed ex-girlfriend.


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