Season of the Witch

Season of the WitchSeason of the Witch was a decent flick – some slightly better writing and a focus more on the interesting part of the story might have made it better.  It felt a bit like a movie which had already spent its effects budget, and made the best of it.  I’m apparently one of the rare few people who like Nicolas Cage, so I went in hoping this would be an interesting flick…The movie spends an awful lot of time on the crusades with Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman – while it is important to the character development, it doesnt add too much to the movie.  The recreation of a suffering world when they end up leaving is well done – there are some stunning landscapes that are quickly walked through quickly.

The story reminds me a great deal of the recent game Dante’s Inferno.  But, rather than realizing what the makers of that game did – that the fun is in what happens after the demons show up – this movie spends quite a while leading up to the revelation of the Witch, and then wraps that whole thing up in about 10 minutes.

More time spent hunting down the escaped witch, in a haunted and stunning monastery (Great Setting!) would probably have really made this movie more entertaining.  As it was, there was a lot of buildup for a quick finish.  Worth watching, but I might wait for DVD.

High Points:

  • Some beautiful landscapes/locations.
  • The “period” feel was fairly accurate.  No one said “dude”
  • Ron Perlman’s character was fun.

Low Points:

  • Surprisingly light on action.
  • Quick ending.
  • For some people: Nicolas Cage.


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