SkylineSkyline inspires you to find new ways to describe just how bad something could be, which must have been what the writers were thinking.  It’s over-the-top, mixed with poor writing, and lots of expensive but strangely used special effects.  And poor acting.The story is pretty simple – aliens show up and start sucking people up.  Strangely, their tech seems to be focused on the “Look into the Light” technology, which is easily defeated by window shades and sheets covering the windows.  Their giant ships are equipped with massive vacuums, which suck people up into the center (screaming).

For those who have chosen not to look into the light, the city is populated with giant monsters the size of skyscrapers, and flying hunter patrols.  The movie is focused on how a group of friend-of-friends try to survive this invasion – and fail miserably.

The delivery of lines is so serious – and so bad – that you cant help but laugh at times.  The dramatic moments are filled with cheese – the entire movie has the feel of an attempt at creating a cult B-Movie classic, though I doubt that was the intent.  I guess I was one of the red-brains walking out of this movie – not convinced by the shiny blue light.

High Points:

  • Decent Special Effects.  I think alot of the budget went into that.
  • Good to see Donald Faison moving on from Scrubs…though he might want to fire his agent after this one.

Low Points:

  • The death of the hotel manager, and the wife.
  • Red Brain!  Watch out for the Red Brain!


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