TangledTangled was surprisingly touching, though I can’t comment on how accurate it was to the original Rapunzel story.  This movie had some great imagery, entertaining storyline, and enough musical numbers to remind you that this is a movie in the tradition of the classic Disney movies you grew up with.The characters are somewhat cliche, but that is probably part of the appeal of the movie.  The old witch, desperate to stay young; the sheltered princess, dreaming of a life outside what she has known; and the dashing rogue, who unwittingly brings about the dreams of others and finds his own while doing it.  Not original territory, but it’s well told and fairly enjoyable.  One of those kids movies you won’t have to suffer through for your children.

I personally thought the horse was a bit overdone.  I recognize his importance for some of the parts of the movie, but think maybe they needed another character along with the horse.  This is probably where some of the appeal for children comes in…

Also – there are a few Disney examples of dangerous and unrealistic things.  It may be worth reminding children that you cant fall hundreds of feet into a ravine (with your horse) and both wake up at the bottom.  I also wonder how many people will end up tearing out some of their long hair trying to perform some of the stunts Rapunzel does with her amazing mane in this.

Overall – fun movie which you will probably enjoy.  If you have kids, go see it – if not, think about it.

High Points:

  • Entertaining characters
  • Great animation and imagery – I especially liked the way they did the paper lamps.
  • Fun was had – my wife especially liked the Frying Pan.

Low Points:

  • The Horse.  Bit much.
  • Somewhat cliche.


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