The Dilemma

The DilemnaIf you have ever wondered, “How can you combine Vince Vaughn and Kevin James, and get something that isnt as funny as either one of them individually?” then Dilemna is the movie with your answer.  Though there are some funny moments throughout, Queen Latifah gets some of the funniest lines in the movie and she has less than 10 minutes of on-screen time.The premise is entertaining enough.  Vaughn sees Winona Ryder cheating while planning his own proposal, and struggles with how to tell his friend.  The writing is believable – his struggle with how to deal with this information is definitely something which feels sincere.  While there is some humor throughout the movie, it didnt have any of the usual humor you would expect to see from Kevin James.

Queen Latifah was a highly entertaining character, and my Wife has picked up the phrase “Lady Wood” as a result of the movie.  She, along with Jennifer Connelly, feels like a tertiary character.  The women seem pretty poorly developed, as archetypes that don’t really stand out much from the script.  The one thing that is noticeable is that they are a pair of fairly tiny women next to James and Vaughn.

Worth watching, but not if you haven’t seen Green Hornet yet.

High Points:

  • Queen Latifah – the exec with Lady Wood
  • The pain of telling his friend seems pretty real.

Low Points:

  • Missed Kevin James’ humor.
  • The scenes with the Thai Massage parlor.


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