The Green Hornet

The Green HornetThe Green Hornet is a funny revisit of a made-for-the-screen IP which does the superhero genre right.  It has the right mix of action, comedy, and not-too-over-the-top moments to keep it fun throughout the movie.  Definitely worth seeing, if you are looking for a laugh.Seth Rogen as the spoiled Brit is a great choice.  He pulls off the shift into a more serious, but still not too serious, superhero well – along with complaints throughout about inconveniences.  I really bought the spoiled son trying to prove himself to dad schtick, something which probably has something to do with the writing as well, but overall really liked him.

Kato was, of course, the star of the movie as he was of the TV series.  I liked the brief nod to Bruce Lee in Kato’s sketchbook, and while he was sitting in the car.  His abilities were of course a bit too much, but well done – I particularly liked the effect used where weapons were highlighted as part of his fighting process.

The real reason to go to the movie is that it is funny, throughout.  The combination of these two leads to a great on-screen chemistry, with the Kato straight man a great contrast to the larger-than-life Brit.  Plus, they drive around in a cool car and blow stuff up.

The only low point to me was the villain.  His pauses and introspection to determine why he wasnt scary was funny, but seemed a little bit too foolish.  Bloodnofsky was not a part of the movie I will really remember after a few weeks.  Still – foolish heroes need foolish enemies, so I guess it worked out.

High Points:

  • Great chemistry between Brit and Kato.
  • Funny – throughout.
  • Cool car, and stuff blows up.

Low Points:

  • Bloodnofsky – not the best villain.
  • Why was Cameron Diaz in this movie?


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